Friday, 27 May 2011

Stop Excessive Underarm Sweating

Excessive sweating is a problem for about 2% of people. It has a major damaging effect on the sufferers quality of life. Excessive sweating generally affects the following areas of the body; underarms, palms, face, scalp and soles of the feet.

About half of all excessive sweating problems are underarm sweating.

Anyone suffering from underarm sweating can face acute social problems in both their work and personal relationships. This can sometimes be so overwhelming that it makes it difficult for the person interact normally with other people. This has then knock-on effect causing low self esteem and a reducing self confidence.

The Causes of Excessive Sweating

If there is a history of the condition in your family then it is likely you will also have an excessive sweating problem.

There are two types of sweating which are controled by two different parts of the brain.
  1. Sweating to control body temperature.
  2. Sweating caused by emotional response.
When the the emotional component is out of control, an otherwise normal healthy person sweats excessively in even the most mild of stressful circumstances.

Excessive Underarm Sweating Treatment

The variety of treatments for excessive underarm sweating go from the simple antiperspirants all the way up to surgery. We will concentrate here on the simple natural things you can do.

Sweat itself does not smell, but it does promote the growth of naturally occuring bacteria on your skin. The bacteria breaks down sweat and produces a fatty acid, which has an unpleasant smell.

You should wash at least twice a day. Using an antibacterial soap can be beneficial. Make sure you dry yourself completely before dressing. Also change your clothing after each wash. Your clothes will retain the smell of stale sweat so make sure you wash them after each wear.

A few other simple and practical steps you can take are:

  1. Wear loose fitting clothing for free circulation of air around the body.
  2. Do not wear synthetic and polyester fabrics. Wear cotton and other fabrics that allow for better air flow.
  3. Stay in air conditioned rooms if possible.
  4. Drink cold water.
  5. Avoid hot drinks such as coffee or tea.
  6. Avoid hot spicy food.
  7. Avoid caffine.
  8. Avoid foods with lots of sugar in them.
  9. Try a clinical-strength antiperspirant. They contain a higher concentration of aluminum chloride which can be effective for stopping excessive underarm sweating.
The Biggest Secret to Controlling your Excessive Underarm Sweating

The sweat glands are controlled by the Sympathetic Nervous System and you have no direct control over it. With excessive sweating the Sympathetic Nervous System is being over stimulated. You need to reduce this over stimulation to cure your sweating problem.

You need to find a way to stay calm and detached in the situations that usually trigger your excessive underarm sweating.

To do this you should consider trying relaxation techniques such as meditation, yoga or self hypnosis.

Find a method that suits you and spend 30 to 60 minutes per day practising doing it.

I have not tried yoga but I have tried relaxation breathing techniques, meditation and self hypnosis.

I like meditation the best. Meditation refers to a state where your body and mind are consciously relaxed and focused. You can find out more about meditation at the Relaxation Site on the Meditation page.
The world’s most technologically-advanced meditation program. Using it’s special audio technology. Click the image for full details.

The most convenient way of utilising self hypnosis is in the form of mp3s which you can listen to whenever you want. There are a wide range of titles readily available. The ones you should concentrate on are those relating to relaxation and stress relief, self esteem and self confidence.

Try Self Hypnosis mp3 Downloads for some very cheap and effective mp3s.


Thursday, 31 March 2011

Stop Sweating and Start Living Review

If you have been looking for a solution to excessive underarm sweating then you may have come across references to Mike Ramsey's publication 'Stop Sweating and Start Living' and wondered what it all about and if it is worth trying.

Mike battled with underarm sweating himself and knew he had to find a cure. He tried everything you have probably tried from; dozens of different antiperspirants, even prescription antiperspirants; wearing an undershirt to soak up the sweat; showering 2 or 3 times a day; wearing oversized shirts etc.

But nothing worked. Then he attended a local seminar on natural health and some ideas started to formulate in his head. He constructed a plan and within a few weeks he had stopped his excessive sweating and it never returned.

Mike's solution is different from all other methods you may have heard of or tried. It is basically a 3 step natural approach to solving your excessive sweating problem.

There are just 3 simple things you need to do. They are easy to perform and use readily available and inexpensive products. You may have some of them in your home already. Make this part of your daily routine and you will soon start noticing the difference.

The publication is not padded out with lots of information you already know or do not need to know. In fact it is only 17 pages, but these 17 page could change your life if they cure your excessive sweating problem.

If you want a more substantial read then 'Stop Sweating and Start Living' comes with a free publication called NO-SWEAT! The Natural Hyperhidrosis Treatment Program by Rob Johnson (for facial, hand, foot, back and other excessive sweating problem areas). It runs to 40 pages.

If you want to know more then visit the website 'Stop Sweating And Start Living'

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to cure excessive sweating

Can you cure excessive sweating using EFT?

According to the Chinese, our human body is comprised of meridian points where ‘Chi’ flows. The reason we feel feelings in different parts of the body, is because each feeling is held in a different meridian.

For example we tend to feel nervous feelings in our stomach, angry feelings in our forehead, stressed feelings in our shoulders.

When energy flow is blocked and unbalanced somewhere along that meridian in our body, it will cause different ailments and dysfunctions to our mental or physical health.

That is why in the beginning, people use acupuncture to balance out the ‘Chi’ flow of an ill person’s body. However, what eventually came out of research now shows you can send similar ‘shockwaves’—like when needles are poked into the body and stimulating meridian points—simply by Tapping on them!

So instead of having to get immobile putting needles all over your body, Tapping can now give you the same results anytime you want and at anywhere you choose to do it.

Each negative feeling corresponds to a similar portion of physical tension held somewhere in the body, which wastes energy and restricts the flow of blood and lymph (otherwise known as ‘Chi’).”

This explains why you will stay in a troubled or stressed state if negative feelings are persistently stimulated in your body. When this happens, your body uses more resources on maintaining a fight or flight response rather than maintaining your health and wellbeing as a person!

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) can be use to get rid of:
•Body embarrassment
•Heart-racing nervousness
•Approach Anxiety
•Fear of social situations (Social anxiety)
•Fear of rejection
•Panic attack
•And much more.
Click on the image for full details of EFT (Colour Diagrams, 12 Chapters, 134 Pages) and see how it can help you

“Tap Yourself Free” - Secrets to Gain Freedom & Control over Your Mind Whether in Health, Wealth or Relationships. Click here for full details.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Excessive Sweating causes and treatment - food

In this post I am going to talk about food in relation to contributing to, and reducing, excessive sweating.

Food to cut down on to reduce sweating

Foods to definitely cut down on are garlic, onions, hot peppers, spicy foods, foods containing monosodium glutamate, carbonated drinks, coffee and other items containing caffeine.

Also cut down on alcohol. Alcoholic beverages cause the blood vessels to dilate and so the body temperature increases. Since the temperature of the body has increased, it now needs to sweat in order to cool down. Because of this effect of alcohol on the body, people who have excessive facial sweating should reduce their intake of alcohol.
Head 'n Facial Sweating Be Gone. Click image for details

Caffeine affects the body by increasing its metabolism. Since the body's metabolism is increased, there will also be an increase in its temperature. Now that the body's temperature is increased, it will need to cool down through sweating. Because of the effects of caffeine, people with excessive facial sweating are also advised to reduce their intake of soda, coffee, tea, and energy drinks.

Foods that have monosodium glutamate (also known as msg and sodium glutamate ), should be avoided also. It has been proven that monosodium glutamate can influence the production of sweat. Monosodium glutamate is a food additive often used as a flavour enhancer in fast food, snack foods, tinned and frozen foods.

Reducing your daily intake of these products may decrease or stop your sweating.

Food to eat to reduce sweating

Helpful food to eat that are common retardants of excessive sweating are complex carbohydrates, low-fat milk products and green tea.

Complex carbohydrates are commonly found in wholegrain. Some of the common complex carbohydrates examples are wholegrain breads, oats, brown rice, etc. The most common natural, complex carbohydrates examples are: Bran, Wheatgerm, Maize, Buckwheat, Barley, Cornmeal  and Oatmeal.

Fruits filled with complex carbohydrates include grapefruits, apricots, plums, pears and oranges.

Vegetables with complex carbohydrates include potatoes, spinach, beans, asparagus, broccoli, carrots, cucumbers, cauliflower, eggplant, corn, lettuce, celery, peas, artichokes and cabbage.

Green tea has a long list of health benefits including reducing sweating. It works because it is an astringent (a substance that contracts the tissues or canals of the body, thereby diminishing discharges).

Low-fat milk. A recent study showed that, after exhaustive exercise, athletes who drank low-fat milk, compared to those who drank water or a commercial sports drink, retained substantially more of the fluid consumed during a 2 hour recovery period. Thus, low-fat milk promotes retention of fluids.

Sage herb - In Germany, sage herb is commonly used for upset stomach and excessive sweating. In England, sage is used for some symptoms of menopause.

It is well documented that Sage leaf helps to reduce menopausal sweats. In one study, excessive sweating was induced by pilocarpine. The sweating was reduced when participants were given an aqueous extract of fresh Sage leaf. In a further study 40 patients were given dried aqueous extract of fresh sage (440mg) and 40 were given infusion of sage (4.5g) herb daily. Both groups of patients experienced a reduction in sweating.

In conclusion, stay away from spicy food and junk food. Change to a natural healthy diet with lots of fruits and vegetables, natural grains, lean meat and protein. A healthy diet will improve your life in so many ways.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Three Easy Steps to Control Excessive Sweating

Are you suffering from Excessive Sweating? Don't worry, here are three simple steps to control it.

First thing to understand is that, sweating is normal for everyone and is is part of everyone's life. It's not without a reason and has the function of controlling our body temperature, thus preventing us from overheating.

But excessive sweating is not normal. Do you know, more than 8 million people suffer with excessive sweating in USA alone.

Many people have learned to control their excessive sweating. Here are three simple yet effective tips that can help you prevent excessive sweating.

Say No To Caffeine

Caffeine consumption is linked to anxiety as it's a stimulant. If you are anxious you sweat more. Anxiety is directly proportionate to sweat.

If you would like to prevent excessive sweating caffeine is a definite no. So avoid beverages that contain caffeine like coffee or soft drinks.

High Powered Antiperspirants

Check on the antiperspirants you use. Some antiperspirants are only for blocking odor and not sweat.

Purchase antiperspirants that have aluminum chloride as an ingredient because it's an active ingredient that blocks your sweat glands, resulting in reducing the intensity of the sweat.

If your antiperspirants do not help, try out Driclor. Driclor is rich in aluminum chloride and can control sweating effective. Driclor can be used for the treatment of excessive perspiration of the underarms, the hands and the feet.

Apply Driclor before going to bed at night and wash it off in the morning. It should not be re-applied during the day. Over time, sweating will stop during the day and the number of times you apply the antiperspirant at night can be reduced.

Wear loosely fitting clothes

If you want to prevent sweating, try wearing loose fitting clothes. Loose clothing means you get air circulation for your skin which enables your body to breathe.

If you wear loose clothes as opposed to tight fitting clothes you will notice the sweating declining naturally.

Try to wear 100% cotton clothing which is good for the skin and also very comfortable for warm climates

That's it. These three simple steps should help control your sweating.

However, if you want to prevent sweating effectively, try to get a stop sweating guide. A good guide can help you with tips to prevent sweating 100%. Stop Sweating and Start Living is one such guide.

Friday, 21 January 2011

Stop Hands Sweating - Cure Sweaty Palms

Sweaty palms is a problem that affects about 1% of people. Even though the precise cause of sweaty palms is still debated, many professionals think it is caused by an over active nervous system which can also be triggered by emotional and mental stimuli causing the sweat glands in the hands to produce sweat unnecessarily.

Sweaty hands can be embarrassing in many business, work related and social situations. Shaking hands, your sweat smudging ink, making documents damp or leaving sweaty handprints on anything you touch. Also when coming into contact with people or even holding hands with your loved one.

Sweating is the body's way of regulating its temperature and is a normal healthy process. In a minority of people, this mechanism goes into overdrive, leading to excessive sweating unrelated to physical activity, this is called hyperhidrosis. If it is on the hands then it is known as palmar hyperhidrosis.

The entire body has a huge number of sweat glands and more than fifty percent of them are located in the hands. 
Click image for full details
When the body's temperature rises, either through exercise, severe temperatures or anxiety, the sweat glands discharge sweat to help cool the body back to its ideal temperature.

Men and women who have serious palmar hyperhidrosis experience sweaty palms even when the body has no reason to be trying to cool down. This can cause extreme distress and embarrassment and can hinder them when performing particular daily tasks.

Generally having sweaty hands means that you are overly anxious in certain situations. So dealing with the cause of the anxiety will lessen the problem. Even just being slightly nervous will triggers your hands to produce excessive sweat.

How to stop sweating hands - treatment for sweaty palms

It is best to find a cure for the problem rather than just treat the symptoms. So you need to work on your self confidence and ability to relax and stay calm. This should be your long term goal. I am a great fan of hypnosis and relaxation CDs and mp3s for problems such as this. See the previous post "Stopping Excessive Sweating with Self Hypnosis"

However short term you could try any of the following:

Witch hazel is a good herb that can help tighten pores and remove excess sweat. You can either rub Witch hazel oil on with a cotton ball or wipe your hands with witch hazel wipes or witch hazel pads, which should be available at your pharmacy. Witch haze oil can be bought for 3 to 5 dollars for a 16 ounce bottle.

Geranium Oil can be applied to your hands as above. Apply a thin layer to your palms and let it dry. You should be able to find it in most health food stores.

Cypress Oil - many old cultures used cypress for its medicinal value. It is calming and cooling, and can be rubbed on the hands and allowed to dry. Again the place to find it is in a health food stores.

By learning to control your emotions and you can greatly reduce your sweaty hands. Aromatherapy oils can help in relaxation. Lavender is one common relaxation aroma which can be bought as an oil or incense. There are lots of other you can try also.

Talcum powder, corn starch, baking soda and other absorbent powdered materials may be useful in absorbing light sweat.

Acupuncture - many of the important acupoints are located in the hands so appropriate point selection and stimulation can help regulate the sweating process in the hands.

You can get powders, lotions, and creams that are supposed to stop sweat from breaking out but the length of their effectiveness is usually very short lived.

Soaking your hands in cold water for 30 minutes may prevent them from sweat for up to three hours.

Monday, 17 January 2011

Stopping Excessive Sweating with Self Hypnosis

If your sweating is caused by lack of self confidence or nervousness in certain situations then you could try hypnosis to cure your problem. There is no need to visit a therapist as there are many websites with downloadable sessions in the form of mp3s that can help you.

I have only found one session on mp3 that actually addresses the problem of excessive sweating. It is a subliminal hypnosis mp3 called 'Stop sweating subliminal'. You can get full details by clicking on the image.

Although the above is the only one that I have found that specifically mentions sweating there are many more that can help by addressing the cause of the problem. The two main causes being lack of self confidence and nervousness.

So finding a session that can help improve your self confidence will help stop your excess sweating. You can find a number of mp3s to help you gain self confidence by clicking on the link 'Self Confidence Using Self Hypnosis'

Hypnosis session that help you relax and stay calm will also be of help or you could try a meditaion mp3. Meditation is not just for hippy, spiritual and new age type people, it can give you a great sense of peace and calm which will help with your problem.

If you are going to try mp3s in the form of hypnosis, meditation, relaxation or any other self improvement programs then you could buy an mp3 player specifically to listen to these sessions.

I use a 2Gb Sansa Clip. It is cheap and easy to use. If you put each session in a different folder then if you are listening in bed  and you fall asleep, it will switch itself off about a minute after the session has finished.